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The 40 Most Beautiful and Intriguing Bridges in the World

The 40 Most Beautiful and Intriguing Bridges in the World: "

1. Akashi Kaikyo

Total length : 3911 m (12831 ft)

Construction completion : 1998

Location : Japan

This bridge, also known as Pearl Bridge, is considered one of Japan’s greatest engineering feats and has the longest central span of any suspension bridges in the world (1,991 metres or 6,532 ft).

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2. Banpo Bridge

Total length: 1140 m

Construction completion : 1982

Location : South Korea

This is one unique girder bridge connecting the Seocho and Yongsan districts in South Korea and forming a “double-decker” bridge along with the Jamsu bridge. A gigantic water fountain has been set up along both sides of this bridge, with nearly 10,000 LED nozzles spurting out water and thus earning the name “The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain”.

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3. Lotus Bridge

Construction completion : 1999

Location : China

Another rare architectural feat achieved by China, this ingenious bridge features 3 lanes in each direction and dual bridges looping around each other by 360 degrees which aids in swapping the direction of traffic.

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4. Maldonado Bridge

Location : Maldonado, Uruguay

Here’s one weird bridge. Constructed to look like a dilapidated bridge, the Maldonado bridge looks like a wrecked structure at first, but it is a totally safe stressed ribbon bridge type.

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5. Henderson Waves

Total length : 274 m (900 ft)

Construction completion : 2008

Location : Singapore

Another unusually shaped bridge, it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore and is shaped like a waveform. It stands at a highest point of 36m from Henderson road.

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6. The Bridge of the Americas

Total length : 1,654 m (5,425 ft)

Construction completion : 1962

Location : Panama

Originally known as the Thatcher Ferry Bridge, this was the only non-swinging bridge connecting the north and south American land masses until the opening of the Centennial Bridge in 2004.

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7. Centennial Bridge

Total length : 1,052 m (3,451 ft)

Construction completion : 2004

Location : Panama

The Centennial was constructed as a supplement to the Bridge of the Americas. Located 15 km north to the Bridge of the Americas, this is only the second major road crossing of the Panama Canal.

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8. Sundial Bridge

Total length : 700 ft (213 m)

Construction completion : 2004

Location : California, USA

This particular cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge spans the Sacramento river in California. It’s name is derived from the fact that the bridge’s 217-foot-tall support tower acts as a giant sundial.

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9. Evergreen Floating Point Bridge

Total length : 7,578 ft (2,310 m) 1966

Location : Washington, USA

Officially called the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge in Evergreen Point, Washington, this one is a floating bridge with one of the longest floating spans in the world. The locals called it the “520 bridge” and was renamed in 1988 for Governor Rosellini who advocated it’s reconstruction.

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10. Oresund Bridge

Total length : 7,845 metres (25,738 ft)

Construction completion :1999

Location : Between Denmark and Sweden

This one snakes itself all the way from Sweden to Denmark. The longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, this bridge is an incredibly complex structure that begins as a cable-stayed bridge in Sweden and ends as a tunnel in Denmark.

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11. Pythonbrug

Total length :300 ft

Construction completion :2001

Location : Amsterdam, Netherlands

Named in accordance with its form, this brilliantly red footbridge rises tall like a twisting snake. To traverse this one, you need to be in good shape, but the view is spectacular. Parallel to this runs a lower bridge which allows for more conventional movement of pedestrians.

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12. Da Vinci Bridge

Total length :135 m (400ft)

Construction completion :2001

Location : Norway

The graceful drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1502 for Sultan Bajazet II of Constantinople came to life 500 years later by Norweigan artist Vebjrn Sand. It was thought the construction of this bridge would be implausible, and it was set to span 240 m but the length was reduced to 135m.

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13. Langkawi Sky Bridge

Total length :125 m

Construction completion :2005

Location : Mount Mat Cincang, Malaysia

This is one of the highest elevated single-stay bridges in the world. Its curved shape gives travelers a panoramic view of Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands, and each end is fitted with triangular observation decks. Definitely a ‘walk in the clouds’ experience!

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14. Millau Viaduct

Total length : 2,460 m (8,071 ft)

Construction completion : 2004

Location : Valley of River Tarn, Southern France

With its apex at 1125 feet, the Millau Viaduct is one of the world’s tallest bridges and also the most controversial one. It also broke records for: the highest pylons in the world, the highest bridge tower in the world and the highest road bridge deck in Europe.

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15. Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

Total length : 1,200 metres (3,900 ft)

Construction completion : 2002

Location : Brasilia, Brazil

Also known as President JK or just JK Bridge, this bridge is named for former president of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliviera. The main attraction of this bridge are the three steel arches that jump from side-to-side support the deck, giving it a criss-cross look. The Architect (Alexandre Chan) avoided straight lines on the deck in order to accentuate Brasilia’s striking sunsets.

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16. Jerusalem Chords Bridge

Total length : 360 metres (1,180 ft)

Construction completion : 2008

Location : Jerusalem, Israel

Also known as Bridge of Strings this bridge is situated at the entrance to Jerusalem. Incorporated in the bridge is a glass-sided pedestrian crossing. The inspiration for this design was to add a defining element to the Jerusalem skyline at the entrance to the city – mission accomplished.

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17. Wadi Abdoun Bridge

Total length : 417 metres (1,368 ft)

Construction completion : 2006

Location : Amman, Jordan

It is the only cable-stayed suspension bridge in the country. 3 Y-shaped towers make two equal halves of the bridge and the road is shaped like an S with the stays forming a harp arrangement.

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18. Bosphorus Bridge

Total length : 1,510 m (4,954 ft)

Construction completion : 1973

Location : Istanbul, Turkey

Also called the First Bosphorus Bridge, this is a gravity anchored suspension bridge connecting two continents – Europe and Asia and spans the Bosphorus strait. It has a total width of 8 lanes: 3 in each direction plus an emergency lane and a side walk. Now, that’s one roomy bridge!

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19. Royal Gorge Bridge

Total length : 1,260 feet (384 m)

Construction completion : 1929

Location : Colarado, USA

A tourist attraction within a 360 acre theme park, this bridge hangs above the Arkansas river and held the record of the highest bridge in the world from 1929 – 2001.

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20. Zhivopisny Bridge

Total length : More than 1.5 kms

Construction completion : 2007

Location : Moscow, Russia

So far you’ve heard of bridges that span across rivers, well here is one that spans along the length of a river! The Zhivopisny Bridge is the first cable-stayed bridge in Moscow and has an S-shaped deck exceeding 1.5 kms.

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21. Oliveira Bridge, Brazil

Total length : 1.6 kms

Construction completion : 2008

Location : Brazil

The Brazilian cable-stayed bridge, which is 453 ft tall and 1.6km long, is one of the most wonderful bridges that you come across in South America. It is built over the Pinheiros River. The bridge deck has the shape of the alphabet “X” and it is the only bridge that have two curved tracks. It was opened in May, 2008 and since then it has become a popular shooting spot for automobile advertisements.

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22. Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany

Total length : 918 m

Water depth: 4.25 m

Construction completion : 2003

Location : Germany

The most noticeable thing about the bridge is that it is not cars and buses that run through it, instead the vehicles are boats and ships! Canal engineers in Germany started the plans for building the Magdeburg Water in the year 1919. But the project was put on hold by the East German Government because of the World War and Cold War that took place later. The project was reopened in 1997 and the bridge got built in 6 years.

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23. Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

Total length : 35.673 kms

Construction completion : 2007

Location : China

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world, connecting the municipalities Jiaxing and Ningbo in China. The entire bridge is 35.673 km in length and has 6 lanes of express ways. The bridge was built in 4 years but it was opened to the public only in 1st May, 2008, 1 year after testing and evaluating the work.

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24. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

Total length : 1.149 kms

Construction completion : 1932

Location : Sydney, Australia

The Coat Hanger or the Sydney Harbour Bridge is not only the world’s widest span bridge but also the tallest steel arch bridge. The construction of the bridge began in 1923 and it was completed after 9 long years on 19th January 1932. The dramatic view of the Sydney harbour, bridge and the Opera house have attracted millions of tourists and film makers and they have become an iconic symbol.

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25. Tower Bridge, England

Total length : 244 m

Construction completion : 1894

Location : London, England

The most important fact to be pointed out about Tower bridge is that it is not “London Bridge” as many people seem to believe. The bridge is 244 m long and was opened to the public on 30th June, 1894. About 40000 passengers passes through the bridge and it is regarded as one of the busiest bridges in the world.

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26. Alcántara Bridge, Spain

Total length : 194 m

Construction completion : 106 CE

Location : Spain

The Roman stone arch bridge, built over the Tagus river in 106 CE, is also known as Puente Trajan. The 194 m long bridge was first damaged in 1214 when the Moors destroyed the smallest arch. In 1543, it was rebuilt but the second arch was destroyed by the Spanish to stop the Portuguese. Again in 1809, it was blown up to stop the French. That’s one historic bridge!

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27. Si-o-se Pol, Iran

Total length : 976 ft

Construction completion : 1602

Location : Iran

Si-o-se Pol, the Bridge of 33 arches, is also called the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge. This bridge, built in 1602, is 976 ft long and was built in just 3 years. The bridge is famous because of its wonderful structure and also because it is the finest example of Safavid dynasty bridge design.

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28. Cooper River Bridge

Total length : 10 km

Construction completion : 2005

Location : South Carolina, USA

The structure of Cooper River Bridge, also known as Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, is so strong that it can withstand any hurricanes (even in excess of 300 mph) or earthquakes (about 7.3 or 7.4 on the Richter scale). With a main span of 1,546 ft, it is one of the longest cable-stayed bridge. Total cost: $531 million.

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29. The Seven Mile Bridge

Total length : 10 km

Construction completion : 1982

Location : Florida, USA

The Seven Mile bridge connects the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Strait. The length and spectacular view of the bridge have attracted many film makers. True Lies, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The James Bond thriller License to Kill are few movies that were filmed along the Seven Mile bridge.

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30. Donghai Bridge

Total length : 32.5 km

Construction completion : 2005

Location : China

The bridge connecting Shanghai and Yangshan, was longest sea cross bridge before Hangzhou Bay bridge opened. It also contains cable stayed sections for the passage of large ships.

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31. Vasco Da Gama Bridge

Total length : 10.7 miles

Construction completion : 1998

Location : Lisbon, Portugal

Vasco da Gama bridge, the 9th longest bridge in the world, is the longest bridge in Europe. The speed limit for vehicles is 120 kmph (100 kmph in one section). During windy, rainy and foggy conditions, the speed limit is reduced to 90 kmph. The bridge has also proven that it can withstand hurricanes, even with speeds of 250 kmph!

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32. Chengyang Bridge

Total length : 64.4 m

Construction completion : 1916

Location : Sanjiang, China

This bridge, also known as the Wind-Rain bridge, contains wooden handrails on both sides and is a perfect combination of painting, bridge, corridor, veranda and Chinese pavilion. It consists of 2 platforms (at the two ends of the bridge), 3 piers, and 4 spans, 5 pavilions, 19 verandas, and 3 floors. The piers are made of stone, the upper structures are mainly wooden and the roofs are covered with tiles.

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33. Ponte Vecchio

Construction completion : 996

Location : Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio (means Old Bridge) is a medieval bridge, built across the Arno river in Italy. The bridge is noted for the shops that are built along it, which were occupied by butchers at first. Later, jewelers, art dealers and souvenir sellers occupied the place.

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34. Golden Gate Bridge

Total length : 2.7 km

Construction completion : May, 1937

Location : California, USA

The Golden Gate connects San Francisco and Marin County and is reported as the seventh-largest suspension bridge in the world. The overall cost for the construction of the bridge was $26 million!

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35. Hoover Dam Bridge

Total length : 580 m

Location : Nevada & Arizona, USA

Also known as Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. The bridge is being built over Colorado river linking Nevada and Arizona in the US. The bridge is expected to open in November, 2010, and the estimated cost of the bridge is around $240 million!

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36. King Fahd Causeway

Total length : 28 km

Construction completion : 1986

Location : Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

The causeway was built to better the relationships and bonds between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The construction officially began in 1968 and it took 18 years to complete, costing a whopping $1.2 billion! Census reports in 2001 reported that over 10 million passengers traveled through the causeway in a single year.

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37. Penang Bridge

Total length : 13.5 km

Construction completion : 1985

Location : Malay Peninsula, Malaysia

The bridge connects Gelugor to Seberang Prai in Malaysia. Currently the bridge is expanding from 4 lanes to 6 lanes to accommodate the increase in traffic.

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38. Rialto Bridge

Width : 22.9 m

Construction completion : 1591

Location : Venice, Italy

Rialto bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand canal in Venice. It is the oldest among them.

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39. Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge

Length : 79.7 km

Construction completion : 2008

Location : China

The bridge is a part of the Zhengzhou – Xi’an High Speed Railway Line, connecting Zhengzhou and Xi’an. Even though the bridge was completed in 2008, it was open to the public only on 6th February, 2010.

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40. Mahtma Gandhi Setu

Length : 5.57 km

Construction completion : 1982

Location : Bihar, India

The bridge is built over the holy river Ganges connecting Patna to Hajipur in Bihar. Before the bridge was built, it was a tedious process for the passengers to travel from Hajipur to Patna and vice versa. Either they had to take ships or they had to take a longer rail route. The bridge became a solution to all these problems.

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